If your child suffers from allergies or asthma as you head back to school is the time to see the allergist. Below are some tips to ensure your child is ready for the new school year or the move off to college.

  1. Follow-up with your allergist to get an asthma and/or emergency action plan updated. This is a good time to ensure that your child is on correct medication dosage, as well as, discuss which medications have and have not been effective for your child. Please ensure that your child is aware of proper use of inhalers or epinephrine auto injectors and that these medications are not expired. Schools require this documentation if you are allowing your child to carry medication at school or leaving it in the nurse’s office in case of an emergency and we are here to help fill out these forms.
  2. Meeting with the teacher and school nurse are also important to ensure you are on the same page with treatment plans. Notifying the school staff as to your child’s triggers and how to address them is important as this will be where they are spending the bulk of their time. If your child is going off to college, find an allergist that is nearby and locate a medical facility that is on your insurance plan. We can help you select one. Drive to the facility to familiarize your child on how to get there in case they need treatment while away at school. Identify a pharmacy close to campus so that getting prescription refills will be easier when they need them.
  3. Children with allergies and asthma should be able to participate in sports. Discuss sports participation with your allergist. Asthma symptoms during physical education class or sports participation is a sign of poorly controlled asthma. Ensure that the coach is aware of this medical issue and is familiar with the treatment plan in the case of an asthma-related event.

Following these tips will help ensure that your child is starting the school year off right!