The law requires that all FDA regulated foods must list ingredients which contain one or more of the major food allergens:  milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, wheat, fish, and shellfish.  The FDA does NOT require advisory statements such as “may contain…”  Any advisory statements you find on packaging is completely voluntary.

Some important points for checking Halloween candy:

  1.  Always read the full label of every candy
  2. Remember that the major food allergen is listed the first time the ingredient is listed but does not have to be repeated each time.  Be mindful that lecithin is a soy derivative, flour is a wheat derivative, and whey is a milk derivative.
  3. Different sizes of the same product may have different ingredients
  4. Re-bagged candy may have different labels than the candy made and sold directly by the company.

Additional information and pictures of food labels can be found at: